Today, 1 year and 10 days ago

Today, 1 year and 10 days ago we sent a private message to all our friends on Facebook to say “Hey! Jessie and I started this crazy new venture. We want to make bellies and babies fit! Please please pretty please Like our page and spread the love.”. 

1 year and 10 days later we’ve made bellies and babies fit all over the World. 

Thank you!!!!

Here’s to many more years of innovating zip-in panels for maternity and baby-carrying. Expand your OWN jacket!!!!!!!




Updated customer review from Adventurous Parents

Meghan J. Ward of contacted us last fall about our maternity panel and offered to write an unbiased review while she used it during her pregnancy.

Since then, we took into account her comments and have updated our BBfit to the latest design. You can read the full article and updates here.
P.S. Meghan gave us an update at 37 weeks….our panel was still working!

Versatile! Start of pregnancy, during and baby-carrying.

Versatile! Start of pregnancy, during and baby-carrying.

Top baby costs and how to save?

What are the top baby costs and how to save? Getting clothes that will fit your growing bump can be a definite drain. Our BBfit maternity panel goes some way to help you save. The BBfit allows you to continue using your own good quality jacket throughout your pregnancy and past, (and look good too 😉 ).

Other top baby costs and how to save?

1. Baby formula
2. Diapers
3. Childcare
4. Gear
5. Clothes
6. Food
7. Toys, books, and DVDs

See the full article here at for great saving tips:

New panel design, website, gift certificates and more!

So exciting! We’ve just revamped our website with a more professional look and featuring our new zip-in jacket insert for maternity and baby-carrying. This new design is the most versatile yet as can be used on up to four different types of zip without a zip adapter.

More importantly though, it still allows you to use your own jacket during pregnancy (and look good!).

We’ve also added options for Gift Certificates, a great way to give someone a BBfit panel especially if you’re not sure what jacket they’ll want to use it with (might need a zip adapter).