The BellyFit – Your simple jacket extender solution for winter pregnancy

If you’ve never heard of , you should really check it out. We used it to create this great little 50 sec instructional video for the BellyFit Jacket Extender.




Maternity Jacket Extender on Cityline TV Show!

We made quite an appearance on daytime TV show Cityline this morning with Ashleigh Scott and Tracy Moore.

Ashleigh rounded up some of the hottest fashion items for mamas-to-be from Carry Maternity (110 Cumberland, Toronto) including owner, Pat Gillespie’s own designs, Elari diaper wallet and of course, our very own BellyFit 🙂

Ashley Scott showing off the BellyFit jacket extender to Tracy Moore

Ashley Scott showing off the BellyFit jacket extender to Tracy Moore

You can checkout the episode here (approximately last 10 minutes):

– The BellyFit is a jacket extender for maternity and baby-carrying, designed and made in Canada by parents.  

I know a product that can make your belly fit!

Here’s a comment from a customer yesterday:

A lady at Loblaws saw me in my parka and told me about your company!!! Best advice today!”

As a small business, word of mouth is huge for us so a big thank you to everyone who might have shared information about the BellyFit with friends, family and strangers at Loblaws.

– The BellyFit is a jacket extender for your own winter jacket and works both during maternity and while baby-carrying.



Baby-wearing this December in Ottawa with the BellyFit Jacket Extender :)

A wonderful email from Erin in Ottawa who just received her BellyFit:

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchase. I received the panel and zipper adapter yesterday and took it for a test drive right away. It was snowing and pretty cold in Ottawa last night but my 3 month old was completely comfortable and warm the whole time we were out. It was so easy to use and came quickly in the mail. Amazing product that will make my winter quite a bit easier!”


– The BellyFit is a jacket extender that works with your OWN jacket. It can be used for both maternity and baby-wearing.

Did you know!

I seriously had no idea what those folds on onesies were really for!

When designing the BellyFit, we tried to keep simplicity and ease of use in mind although trying to package it without instructions? Impossible! When was the last time you saw a onesie being sold with a set of instructions?

BellyFit is a zip-in jacket extender for your OWN jacket during maternity and baby-carrying