Another great customer review

“Last winter when I was pregnant I was excited to learn about this awesome product called BBFit by Make My Belly Fit. It is a zippered panel that you add to your coat to make it easy to convert a regular jacket into a maternity jacket.

A brilliant idea…”

Read the full review from Rebecca at Just Trails here:



Convert your OWN jacket into a maternity coat / jacket

You already love your own jacket. That’s probably why you bought it (and paid anywhere from $100 to $500 for it). So why should you have to buy another or borrow one while you’re pregnant?!

The Northface, Canada Goose, Merrel, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, MEC, Arc’Teryx, Lole, Salomon, Rossignol, Orage, Helly Hansen, Columbia, Burton, O’Neill….and the list goes on. That’s just a short list of some of the popular brand jackets our zip-in panels are compatible* with.  Puffy, parka, bomber, knee-length, thigh-length, leather and more are just some of the different styles of jacket you can convert into a maternity coat.

In a nutshell, our zip-in panel instantly converts your OWN jacket into a maternity jacket. How cool is that?!

(And not to mention stylish affordability).

* in some cases a Zip Adapter may be required.

Here’s Danny in Ontario using our panel on her Northface vest.

Danny northface vest

Maternity insert for long winter coats and jackets

We get asked a lot if our maternity panels will work on long winter jackets. We’re talking the type that go all the way down past your knees. Especially since at the moment, the photos on our website only show shorter jackets.

And the answer? Yes! Our panels will work with longer jackets!

This is something new for this winter as we’ve introduced LONG zip adapters. The BBfit panel stays the same length however the LONG zip adapter positions the BBfit at the right height on your jacket.

The LONG zip adapters will work on jackets with zips up to 38″.

Here’s half the proof. 

(We’ll get some photos of the panel actually on a long jacket shortly  )