Canada Goose for maternity and baby-carrying?

Wondering how you’re going to continue using your Canada Goose jacket while you’re pregnant or baby-carrying? You know you didn’t just buy it for it to sit in a closet for 6 months while your belly freezes.

The BellyFit offers an affordable solution to convert your Canada Goose jacket into a maternity jacket.

The BellyFit will zip into certain models that use the more modest VISLON 5VS zip. Models such as the Kensington and Trillium use a heavier duty zip VISLON 10V which require our V10 zip adapter.

“But what if I have a much longer parka beyond 32?” Easy solution! Our LONG zip adapters will reposition the BellyFit at the right height so that your Belly and Baby are still covered. Just let us know before ordering how long your zip is and we’ll be able to give you the best advice to extend your jacket.

Common zips used on Canada Goose jackets.

Common zips used on Canada Goose jackets.

The BellyFit is a zip-in jacket extender for maternity and baby-carrying. Made in Canada. Word the World Over.


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